13 May, 2021

Time Is Money: How to Avoid Common Work Productivity Problems

Productivity is a critical area of running your business. It can directly affect the business’s ability to serve customers effectively and make a consistent profit. When productivity falls, it leads to a variety of other issues that can cascade into untimely slowdowns and stoppages. Business owners can help to avoid these problems if they manage the issues that are known to affect employee productivity.

Health Problems

Key employees can fall ill or undergo lengthy medical treatment, leaving gaps in your workforce that are not always easy to fill. Flu or viruses can spread through a facility like wildfire, causing numerous absences that can slow operations. Encourage your workers to get flu shots, okay absences for sick employees and make use of temporary workers when illness causes gaps in your workforce.

Poor Supervision

Skillful supervision can help to eliminate a variety of problems that arise during the workday that can undermine productivity. When supervisors understand the factors that cause distractions, they can intervene to ensure that work schedules stay on track.

An allied problem is a lack of delegation, when employees are not properly authorized to make decisions in their area, which can lead to delays. Experienced supervisors know when to provide workers with the authority to facilitate a steady workflow.

The Technology Distraction

Phones calls, emails and texts can quickly become a distraction that adds up into hours of non-productive work time. Staff members should be encouraged to limit their checking of emails to specific times during the day, returning phone calls at certain periods and following up on texts only when necessary.

Bad Communication from Management

Not providing sufficient information on projects can lead to confusion, excessive questions and delays in delivery of important jobs. Management should ensure that their workforce has the big picture on projects with deadlines or additional operations.

Moving to a New Facility

Many companies experience rapid growth that triggers a need to move to a larger facility. These moves inevitably lead to downtime that affects productivity and may cause gaps in receipt of goods or unhappy customers. If you utilize a reliable moving company like Kloke Group Moving & Storage, you will be able to coordinate your business operations more precisely and will prevent unnecessary delays in shipping and customer service. Your workforce is one of your greatest assets. Savvy business owners know that this asset must be carefully tended in order to maximize its benefits. If your company is not seeing productivity gains from an experienced workforce, it’s time to take a close look at what you can do to improve the working environment and corporate culture. These tips will help you to create the right strategy for gearing up their productivity.