home perfect: a smart home

Turning Your Regular Home to a Smart one is not as Expensive as You Think

March 20 , 2016 by: William Smart Home

Normally, and this especially goes for the time of winter, you get home from work to a cold, dark home. Without a doubt most of you would like for their homes to be warm, cozy and bright without having to leave the thermostat and lights active while you are at work. And thanks to all the major technological advances made in recent years, it is now all completely possible.

Now coming back to a warm, well-lit home is perfectly possible. You can configure your home any way you like. You can set your lights and thermostat to turn on 30 minutes before you arrive home. The garage door will open just as you approach it.

home perfect: a smart home

Nowadays everything is possible thanks to the appearance of smart homes. You can make your home smart by installing a home automation system. Some time ago prices of such systems were fairly high and only a select few could afford them, and manufacturers were also rare. However, now all of that has changed. Many more manufacturers appeared on the market, and competition makes wonders in terms of prices. Furthermore, what was previously regarded as luxury, is now mere necessity. You are probably wondering, what is so special about home automation. Let’s review the following features.

Transforming your home into a smart one will make it safer, cheaper to maintain and extremely convenient to live in.

Smart Homes Offer Convenience

By installing a home automation system in your home you inadvertently make it more energy efficient. But also you won’t have to worry about many other things. For example, your home will be perfectly able to water the garden on its own with the automated sprinkles; the thermostat will be able to tell whether it should increase or decrease the temperature on its own; the lights will know when to turn on or off; the garage door will know when to open itself and so much more. By automating most of these features you also end up with a lower electricity bill every month. No electricity will be consumed in vain as your home will keep itself in the optimal conditions. Thanks to today’s technology, all of this is just a button away from you. You can even set the toilet to flush automatically.

Add to Your Security

A smart house is a safe house. Regardless of where you are, whether home or out, thanks to your smart house alarm you will get a security alert the second your home is under threat. It doesn’t mean that no one will ever attempt to break in, but it does mean that they will not think of doing it again.

Safety doesn’t refer to protection from burglars only. That being said, your smart house will also alert you in the event of a fire. And if you are in the house while that happens, a certain chain of event will occur to help you get out of it as soon as possible, while it also sends a notification to the local fire department.

Smart Homes save You Money

Granted, you have to invest in it first, but in the long run you are definitely going to feel the benefits of it in terms of money savings. Having everything automated means that your house will take perfect care of itself, ensuring the highest levels of energy efficiency.

Energy Efficiency

By now, it should me crystal clear to you that there is so much to gain by installing a home automation system. But just to make sure, here are some additional tips and possibilities:

  • You can add voice commands which turn your lights on or off
  • You can install a pool alert system. This can make your home safer for your children, as you will get an alert the moment they approach the pool area.
  • You can install motion sensor cameras. They will start recording the moment someone enters a designated area.
  • You can install a door camera. That way there will never be any surprises when you open the front door once the doorbell rings.
  • You can install a light randomizer. What this means is that you can set your lights to go on and off at random times during the day with a random duration. This is extremely convenient when you are going on holiday. Having the lights turn on and off occasionally will keep burglars away.