Cleaning the vinyl records

The Way to Clean Vinyl Records

December 11 , 2016 by: William Audio Equipment, Smart Home

Cleaning the vinyl records

If we say the unfortunate elements of the vinyl enthusiasts, it will be to clean vinyl records. In fact, the tidy and neat don’t have a specific conception. Essentially, they must be maintained regularly so that your best turntable operate efficiently. You should know that your records will not be able to work well if they are cleaned. Once the dust is built up on the stylus, the sound will become fuzzy. The worse thing is that the records can get the dreaded pops and clicks when playback. Actually, a large number of people maintain by building up of the gunk on the grooves of the record; and then, they recognize that has one more – a sound effect compared to the scratches on the surface of the record. Those who have purchased the old vinyl will demonstrate the difference between the poor-maintained records and the well-maintained records. But, it is not easy to appreciate what will work efficiently and what will not if it only observes.

It is worth mentioning that cleaning the vinyl records is not necessary a difficult thing. It is also similar to brushing the teeth. Gradually, this one will become a routine. Everyone rarely thinks that cleaning vinyl records can take several hours, but once they are cleaned, this only takes a couple of seconds each of playing. To present the cleaning options, it is various. Here is a summary.

Vinyl Records – How to Clean…

The Anti-static Brush

It can say that there is the easiest manner to clean the vinyl records. As a whole, these anti-static brushes is the best way used before you begin playing your record collection. The static electricity will be eliminated. At once, a result of inserting and removing it from your record is built. The dust in the record grooves is removed, but this isn’t used to deal and isn’t the superficiality.

Brushing the surface of the records

Are you a novice collector? Or, you newly buy the vinyl records, don’t you? Well, it is certain that you will need one anti-static brush. A useful tip for you is to set your record down on the position- the platter after spinning the platter; then, you just hold the brush in place so as to clean all the dust passed. In this way, you will avoid contorting your wrists excessively. There is a simple tool, but it brings the effect highly. Its price is still not expensive – under $30. It is an ideal selection for those who choose to listen to these vinyl records.

Clean the Vinyl Records by Washing

Cleaning your records by washing

Your records are dirty and have some problems related to the sound, right? Apart from keeping them clean, you still need a specific solution so as to clean them. All in all, the distilled water is the most common ingredient. It should not use the tap water because your records can be damaged by the minerals in there. Let’s have peace of mind! The distilled water can be bought in anywhere – at the hardware stores or supermarkets. By adding a little distilled water in a microfiber cloth, you can remove any blemish on the surface of the records. Nonetheless, this method cannot help you clean the deep grooves in order to decrease the pops and clicks.

The Glue Trick

Looking again my two records, regardless of my efforts, I still likely listen to them. Since it couldn’t clean the surface of the records with usual methods, I must throw my favorite classics. What a regretful it is!

Using the glue trick to clean the vinyl records

Nevertheless, there is due to I don’t know about the Glue trick – a simple method. It will cover your entire records. Then, you leave it a moment after peeling it off. It recommends that you ought to use Titebond II Wood Glue because it is highly appreciated by most users. It applies 30ml on the surface of your records by utilizing an old credit card. It will entirely dry after 3 hours. Correspondingly, this is a fast task. If you want to peel off easily, you can make a small tab at the edge of your record when using. Applying the glue trick to clean your vinyl collection is a great manner, particularly, it will be more fantastic if you combine with a record vacuum both after and before. Yes, there are many people used this method.

Vacuum Cleaning

Vacuuming is a simple method to clean the records

If you choose to clean by the vacuum, either VPI or Nitty Gritty will be an ideal selection of the vinyl records. It will be an arduous process when trying to split both, so you only need to find the more aesthetical one. The mentioned machines place your record via a multiple-stage process, which consists of scrubbing with a solution of cleaning the vinyl records. By vacuuming, the record will be removed the additional particles around. In general, the price to set either brand is about $500.

Aside from that, some people clean their records by the DIY project. They often use a turntable played at the high RPM, DIY cleaner, along with an old record vacuum. It sounds interesting. If possible, we can try.

Spin Clean Vinyl Record Washer

Basically, it is exactly a reservoir of the water with a brush – the spin clean record washer. There is considered as an appliance to attach a vinyl record, which may be spun via the water. With the old, dirty records, this tool is ideal. On the contrary, the new records cannot receive the same result. According to some people, the sound becomes more noise after utilizing this device with the new one. As mentioned, although cleaning the records by the distilled water is pretty boring, it is to save.

Spin clean vinyl record washer

With a large number of records, this tool helps you save a lot of time. Regretfully, because the design of the water reservoir holds an amount of water during the cleaning process, some unexpected effects can occur on your records. To avoid depositing residue after many times of washing, you should clean the maximum ~ 10 records per washing.


If your vinyl records are new, you only need the Audioquest brush. With plenty of collections, you can consider utilizing a cleaning machine to save time and effort. Let’s always keep your collection a clean way if you want to enjoy the perfect tunes without the clicks and pops. Happy listening to your favorite songs enjoy!