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How to Use Rice Cooker in an Effective Way

May 26 , 2016 by: William Home Appliances

Rice cooker is one of the most efficient and compact appliances that must be purchased in almost every kitchens and used by any housewives for time and effort saving. However, there are some small features and tips about this kitchen appliance that you might not know and in this article, they would be revealed to you so that you can have cook better meals for your family. Rice cookers should be used properly so as to lengthen its lifespan.

best rice cooker

Use Your Rice Cooker Properly

You should prepare the rice outside the rice cooker before cooking them. Don’t wash the rice inside the rice cooker holder because it would pose a threat to the protective layer inside the cooker and reduce the heat contact ability. That would have a bad effect to the rice cooking process. The rice would not be cooked evenly.

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Another thing you should pay attention to is the outside of the rice cooker inner pot. It is often wet after washing the rice so that you have to dry the inner pot before putting it back into the rice cooker. If you don’t dry the outer layer of the inner pot, it would harm the heater plate and the heat sensor. When putting the inner pot into the cooker, make sure that it went to the right position, you should have some small spins so that everything goes to right place and ready to use or else the rice can’t be cooked.

You should also plan the time to have meal so that you can cook the rice at the right time, avoiding cooking too soon then have to re – heat over and over. That has a bad effect on the magnet inside the cooker. Especially, never use the inner pot for any other purposes or combine it with other types of kitchen appliances such as gasoline cooker or steamer so as to protect the pot from being deformed.

How to Cook the Rice Perfectly?

To cook the rice as you wish, before cooking, you should use your hand and spread the amount of rice inside the pot so that they can cover the base of the pot and be cooked evenly. If you don’t do so, the rice can still be cooked but in some areas, the rice can be overcooked while some parts of it are not cooked. While the rice cooker is processing, don’t open it too much because doing that can cause the lack of heat and steam inside the pot. At the moment when the mode shifts from cooking to heating, quickly turn the rice up so that the cooked rice can be soft and dry enough.

Cleaning the Rice Cooker after Using

Just like other kitchen appliances, you have to clean it after finishing cooking. With rice cooker, you just need to use wet towel to clean it. Avoid cleaning it with direct water. You should not use rough surface cleaning tools as well because it can leave some scratches to the inside of the cooker and ruin the anti – stick layer.

Steam valve must be cleaned up as well. Some people think that this is not an important part of the cooker but it’s one of the most essential parts that help the cooker function correctly. You should have some cleaning at this part regularly so that the atmosphere inside the cooker can be refreshed and the rice can be kept for a long time.

Using the Rice Cooker Safely

No matter how regular you use this type of kitchen appliance, it deserves a dry and high place in your kitchen. Don’t place it near any other types of appliances that can emit heat or heat waves because it can have some bad effects on your rice cooker. While cooking, the body of the rice cooker will be heated up to very high temperature so that you should not touch any part of your body to it or let your children play or do anything near the rice cooker. The plugs should be cared as well. You have to make sure there wouldn’t any accident involving electricity or fire while using the rice cooker. After using it, unplug from the electric source right away.