How to Set up Your Programmable Thermostat Properly

March 20 , 2016 by: William Home Appliances

Energy efficiency is something people take very seriously nowadays. From individual point of view, people look to make their homes more energy efficient as a solution to their high electricity bills. But there is a bigger picture – not only people feel the positive effects of energy efficiency individually, entire countries, and therefore, the world also benefits from energy efficient products and devices.

There are two institutions in the United States established to help people save on electricity bills and also ensure that the country will have the necessary electricity resources for the future.

Energy Star and Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Institutions

Founded in 1992, Energy Star is an institution that aims to help people in purchasing energy efficient appliances. The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) focuses on the bigger picture, and finds ways to ensure that the country will have enough energy available in the future.

The role of the Energy Star is to influence customers, while the EERE steers its influence towards making manufacturers build more energy efficient products. Between the two, the result of conserved energy is enormous.

When shopping for cooling or heating appliances, you should always opt for products incorporating the Energy Star logo, with increase in energy efficiency of 10% at the very least. Apart from the US, the Energy Star evaluation system has also been adapted to other countries in all parts of the world. There are dishwashers which provide up to 41% energy efficiency, while some fluorescent lights can go up to 75% energy efficiency.

Keeping Your Electricity Bill on the Low Site with Programmable Thermostats

In all likelihood you have heard about programmable thermostats and know what their role is in terms of energy efficiency of your heating and cooling devices. Some of you may already use them, but merely installing them doesn’t mean that you get the most of them already.


Here are some guidelines on how to ensure your programmable thermostats are configured optimally:

  • Place of Installation – You shouldn’t just install your thermostat wherever you want. They should be positioned away from heating or cooling sources. If you aren’t certain, consult a professional to place your thermostat in the best spot.
  • Set a Different Temperature While not at Home If you want your thermostat to keep a certain temperature range in your home while you are at work, set it to a more energy saving temperature. For example, you don’t need your home to be as warm as when you are at home. So set the thermostat to a slightly lower setting to keep your house from cooling down completely, and increase the temperature once you are home.
  • Don’t Make Drastic Temperature Changes – By doing so you are inadvertently destroying your heating and cooling appliances.
  • Give a Couple of Degrees Up – In winter lower the temperature by two degrees, or increase it by two degrees in summer, even when you are at home to maximize energy efficiency. That difference of just a couple of degrees may seem obsolete for you, but it will lower your electricity bill by a lot in the long run, and you will not be able to tell the difference in those two degrees.
  • Regular Battery Change – Regardless of the quality of the batteries, never keep the same batteries powering the thermostat for more than a year. Better yet, get a programmable thermostat with a battery monitor feature.
  • Manual Thermostats Can Save a You a lot as well – Although digital thermostats are recommended for optimal energy efficiency, you can achieve similar results with manual ones too. You just need to make sure you adjust the temperature whenever you leave your home.
  • Don’t Save on Thermostats for Your Business – If you are also running a business, install as many programmable thermostats as needed. Being able to make the assessment on your own is rarely possible, so it’s crucial that you hire a professional.

At this point you should not have a single doubt about the efficiency of programmable thermostats. Digital or manual, they will make sure that your electricity bills are lower while making your home feel as comfortable as ever. Do not forget that you also help the well-being of the environment as well.