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How to Get the Best Deal When Buying Records

April 01 , 2016 by: William Audio Equipment

Hobbies are an important part of people’s lives as they provide a certain amount of pleasure and distraction from stress and everyday obligations. Many people choose vinyl collection as their main hobby, for all kinds of reasons. Some search for rare records and buy them for personal pleasure, others do with the possibility of reselling them further down the road if the value increases.

As there are countless vinyl records up for sale out there, whether you want to buy them for out of pleasure and want to combine them with the best record player available, or simply see them as a future source of income, you need to know a few things before actually buying them.

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What You Need To Take Into Consideration

That being said, the task of making a sound investment can prove to be very challenging. Here are a few tips on what to pay special attention to when buying records:

  1. Disc Condition

Depending on the condition a record is in, the value of it can be higher or lower. You have to pay special attention to the condition of the disc, especially if your intention is to keep it to yourself and add it to the personal collection. A disc in good condition will add to the listening experience and enjoyment.


Conduct a thorough examination of the disc you are interested in. If you notice that its surface is dull, that will suggest that it has been used a lot. If you are looking to make a proper investment, look for discs with shinier surface. That indicates that it hasn’t been used a lot and has a lot of its value preserved.

Once you have examined the surface area and it meets your requirements, you should then check for scratches. Deep scratches will not provide a good listening experience, and they greatly decrease the value of the item.

The simplest method of checking for scratches is to run your fingers over the surface of the record and feel if they are present. If you can easily feel them it probably isn’t a good idea to continue with the purchase, since you won’t get a good, quality sound out of them. However, if the scratches are barely there you should continue to the next step of the examination process.

  1. The Sleeves

All vintage vinyl records should come with a record sleeve. You can also tell about the condition of the record by the condition of its sleeve. Granted, it is nowhere near in terms of importance as the condition of the actual record itself, it is still something that should not be overlooked.

A well preserved record sleeve will have minimal damage. You should be aware that some degree of damage will definitely be present due to the age of the record, so don’t look for pristine condition.

If you browse online for a vintage record, you should always look for pictures of the sleeve as well. If there is no picture of it, ask for it directly from the seller.

  1. The Value

Obviously you want to get your money’s worth, regardless of the purpose of your purchase. Whether you are buying a record for personal use, or plan to keep it as a possible source of income, you need to be aware of the real worth of the record at the time of purchase.

It is very likely that the people or specialized stores selling them are looking to get the best deal possible. That being said, it is a good idea to check several different places for prices and record condition. It will help you get a better understanding of the real worth of a particular record.

Also, don’t be afraid to negotiate. Sometimes the price can be a little too steep for your budget. There are a lot of people that take more pleasure in the process of negotiation than the actual purpose. And more often than not, they end up buying the record at a lower price than the asking one.

Even if the price is already within your preference range, you can still make an effort to get a better deal. You never know.