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How Programmable Thermostats Will Keep Your Bills Lower

March 20 , 2016 by: William Home Appliances

Global warming is one of the biggest problems the world is dealing with nowadays. Due to global warming, the climate is slowly but certainly changing and the proof of that are all the nature catastrophes we witness more often than not as time goes by. These changes also mean that temperatures fluctuate rapidly and we end up having extreme cold to extreme heat in very short time periods.

All of this makes it more challenging for people to find efficient ways to control temperature in their own homes. You can’t be sure how much heat you are going to need to warm your house against the cold winter, and the complete opposite goes for the summer time. This is where programmable thermostats come into play. They are a part of the home automation systems which make people’s lives much more comfortable and easier.

What Do Programmable Thermostats Do?

In the simplest of terms, programmable thermostats can be defined as units that keep the desired temperature in your home in the most energy efficient way possible. These devices are really simple to operate, and when configured properly they provide significantly cheaper bills for you to pay.

During the scorching summer period, many people tend to leave their air condition unit run the whole time, even when they are at work, because they want their house to be pleasantly cool when they return home. As you can imagine this is far from being energy efficient. Most of you work eight hours a day, which means those are eight hours of electricity wasted.

Programmable thermostats allow you to set your air condition unit to turn on or off on a timer. This means you can set your AC to turn on, let’s say, 20 minutes before you get home from work. Your house will be cool enough when you arrive and you have not wasted eight hours’ worth of electricity. Multiply this by the number of days you go to work and your electricity bill will be a lot lower.

What Kinds of Thermostats are There?

Now that you know what they do, let’s take a look at all the different types of thermostats, and what makes them different from the rest.


  • Digital Thermostat – These can be set to make a device turn on or off at a given time schedule and the desired temperature. This makes them extremely convenient, but their flexibility can make it a real challenge to configure them exactly to your needs.
  • Electromechanical Thermostat – These are perfect for people on a regular schedule. Unlike the digital counterparts, they must be scheduled manually and their timers operate on a number or hours, as opposed to setting a specific time of the day.
  • Hybrid Thermostat – These are a mixture of the previous two. Hybrid thermostats make use of the simplicity of the electromechanical thermostat, combined with the customizability of the digital ones.
  • Light Sensing Thermostat – Arguably the most expensive and most difficult to use. As you can assume by the name, it reacts to light. What makes them convenient is the fact that they never require batteries, and settings are kept even when the power is out.
  • Occupancy Thermostat – These are the complete opposite of the light sensing ones in terms of difficulty to use. Occupancy thermostats are used for buildings that are rarely used. After setting the initial configuration, all you need is to push one button to turn them on, which activates your settings and them automatically turns off after a set time.

Home automation

Home automation systems are on the rise. While the older models and features weren’t as reliable and interesting to most people, the newer, improved models offer a lot. By investing in any of the mentioned types of programmable thermostats you can make sure that your home will always be as warm or as cold as you like when coming back from work or anywhere else. They are also extremely convenient when it comes to heating or cooling bills. You will not have to waste money on operating costs while you are not at home.

So get a nice programmable thermostat for your home, and never have to worry whether your house will be too hot or too cold regardless of the weather season.