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How Automated Smart Homes Benefit the Elderly

March 20 , 2016 by: William Smart Home

Many people have an elderly parent or grandparent counting on their care and help. There is a statistic out there saying that for the next 15 years, around 10,000 people will turn 65 every day. So if you don’t have to care for an elderly person right now, you probably will have to soon.

It should be mentioned that installing a home automation system will not set you free of all the responsibilities, or that an elderly person will not require a nurse or special medical care. It will however make all those things considerably easier and more convenient for everyone included.

Hand holding mobile phone controls smart home

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Home automation systems are not a finite set of possibilities. And that is what makes them great, you can add features whenever you like and your budget allows. Most features do require you being able to operate a simple remote controller or an app on your smartphone. Once you install it, there should be no additional costs connected to it, unless it requires internet for you to remotely operate it.

The majority of the home automation features range from $50-$75. Naturally, there are some more expensive than others and the most expensive one will not surpass the $250 mark. Compared to other maintenance costs, such as plumbing or HVAC repairs, those prices are relatively cheap.

  • Where the Elderly Come into the Picture 

Older people are usually fully capable of embracing their age and require no special assistance regardless of the occasion. Others however, lose the ability to perform certain tasks that they were able to do once. This is how home automation systems can help them.

  • They Tend to Forget Things Easier 

It happens to the all of us really, but as people get older it happens quite a lot more often. For example, you may forget to turn the stove off once you are done heating something once in a blue moon, but older people make a habit out of it. Thanks to advances in technology, it is now available to install a system that will break any electrical circuit after a previously set period of time. Some can also send special alerts when a device is left on for a longer period of time.

Other things older people tend to forget is taking their meds on time. There are devices you can set up to send an alert when it is time for a person to take their medication. Sensors can be installed on doors and windows which will send notifications if something is left open or unlocked after performing regular check-ups.

doors and windows

  • Senses Fade with Age 

Provided the appropriate home automation components are installed, notifications will be sent out if the sensors detect carbon monoxide / dioxide presence in the home. Notifications can be sent out in different ways such as text messages, normal messages on the home hub, but the lights can also be set to flash once such an occurrence is detected.

  • They are more likely to fall and not be Able to Stand Up 

Bones get more fragile with age, and that is a matter of fact. More often than not older people can’t stand up once they have fallen. There are systems that can sound an alarm in the house once it happens, provided the person is living with someone else. Also, having motion sensor triggered lights installed will ensure that they will never wander through the halls in the dark.

  • Temperature Control 

It is also known that the elderly are more susceptible to radical temperature changes or extreme hot and cold. Programmable thermostats are extremely convenient since they can be set to turn the heat up, or trigger the AC to cool the room down to a previously set temperature. Once the thermostat sensor detects a temperature limit has been reached it will automatically turn on the appropriate appliance to remedy the situation.

  • Cameras Increase Safety 

Old people living alone are the perfect prey for burglars. Installing a camera system around the exterior of the house is highly recommended. Internal camera system can be also beneficial.

Once again, installing a home automation system for your elderly parent or grandparent does not relieve you of all your duties. But it does make life both for you and them infinitely easier.