Buying Guide for a New Headphone

March 28 , 2016 by: William Audio Equipment

Many years ago when the world was in the middle of Walkman Empire and the revolution of devices in the 80s of 21st century, headphones were very big and heavy. They were not popular for sure. However, things changed very much. Headphones are becoming one of the best essential devices serving for the entertaining demands of people. Moreover, you don’t have to pay too much money for this device. If your budget is large enough, you can look for some limited editions of the best headphones in the world that are produced just a few all over the world. Or if you just need something to listen to music while traveling, the best headphones might satisfy you as well. In this article, I will show you some choices that are based on styles and functions.


People nowadays don’t care too much about the differences between high mobility headphones and the ones that are used for entertainment at home. However to me, it is very important to clearly determine the demands (listen to music, gaming purpose…) and where to use the device (at home, outdoor…). That could help people to clear their mind and choose the best headphone that suits the needs. Overall, the headphones are divided into 5 types based on the appearances:

  1. In – ear headphones ( ear bud headphones)

Ear bud headphones are often designed with other portable music devices and are loved because the sound quality. In general, the sounds from this kind of headphone are better than that ones produced by full – sized headphones (the type that cover your whole ears). Ear bud headphones are attached directly to your ears or put inside the ear pipes. Some of them have additional rubber circles that help the headphones to cope with many types of ear shapes and reduce the chance that the headphone falls of the ears of users.

  • Pros: The design is compact, light and most of them have additional microphones with functional buttons. Ear bud headphones have the ability of reducing the noise from the environment effectively. Moreover, the headphones are hard to stick into the hair or other accessories such as glasses or earrings.
  •  Cons: The sound quality as well as the base depth can’t compare with other full – sized headphone designs that can annoy customers if using for a long time. In addition, some ear bud headphone models are difficult to wear in or remove from the ears; therefore they can’t be the best choice for using in offices. Besides, the designs of the lines are easy to be entangled.

Advanced features: Volume button, the variation in size and material of the rubber circles, volume balance

  1. On – ear headphones

This type of headphone has many names: Supra – aural headphones (Super sound), open – backed headphones, and semi – open…

On – ear headphones have round design that covers the outside of the ears, and users can use them with almost all of the standard portable music devices as well as high technology sound devices at home. Despite the fact that on –ear headphones can cover the ears, some people just prefer full –sized ones because of the ability to keep the noise outside and not let the sound get out. However, on – ear headphones are much better when using in offices, because of the property of the place that requires users to hear other sounds from the environment and the sound from the headphone at the same time.

  • Pros: Comfortable, cooler for the ears than full –sized models, some designs can be folded neatly to bring along.
  • Cons: Lack of noise preventing ability in comparison with in –ear or full –sized headphones, weak bass sounds, sound leaking.

Advanced features: Microphone and direction tracking in, ear pads, folded designs, and the lines can be coiled are some its remarkable points.

These are just 2 of 5 types of headphone designs that I want to mention. For more information, come to my blog and look for the next article – part 2 of “Buying guide for a new headphone”. The best headphone is not the most expensive; it’s the one you feel comfortable with. If you have any questions, the best ones you should ask are audiophiles. They are experts in sound devices, and surely they can have the best answers for you.